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Old News

9/17/05 - CircusIrata v0.9.3 released! Here's a list of what's new:

  • Can now pause via "middle-click" (clicking on the mouse-wheel, if you have one)
  • Added "" to the Logicide Games "splash-screen" at game start
  • Optimized the game a bit, so it should take up less CPU-time (thereby playing better with other programs, for instance if you start up a quick game while some download's completing)
  • Bundled DirectX installer with setup-program - this should make it easier for "casual players" to download our game and get it to run (note that this feature may yet contain some bugs...)
  • Fixed problems with Alt-Tab'ing away and then clicking on the title-bar of the window (to close the game, or move or resize the window)
  • Fixed bug in which after pausing, the mouse-cursor would sometimes appear as an hourglass or resize-cursor
  • Fixed bug in which pausing doesn't diusplay the mouse-cursor
  • Fixed bug in which viewing the Credits or Highscore screens leaves the game as Paused once you dismiss those windows
  • Fixed bug in which hitting ESC while on the Credits Screen exits the game
  • Fixed some other random issues viewing the Credits Screen
  • Fixed problems acquiring mouse when game first starts - particularly immediately after installing the game, or if you click one too many times on the game-icon to start it up

...and of course the traditional few other minor fixes and tweaks.

This is Release Candidate 2 for CircusIrata - the next couple releases should primarily be bugfix releases, no new major functionality is planned. Since we are gearing up for an official 1.0 Release, please let us know about any bugs you find, ASAP!


8/8/05 - CircusIrata v0.9.2 released! Here's a list of what's new:

  • New Main Menu screen
  • New Credits screen
  • Fixed bug in which you sometimes had to click on the game twice in order to unpause it
  • Fixed bug which was causing the graphics to look "creased" at times
  • Fixed bug in which you'd get an in-game click when Alt-Tab'ing back to the game from another application, and clicking to unpause it
  • Fixed a bug in which the clown could get stuck under the trampoline
  • Fixed bug in which trick-shot reward points were displaying behind the trampoline graphics
  • Fixed a bug in which the Active Clown was sometimes being displayed behind the "next life" clowns
  • Recalculate the pregenerated highscores (#11-20) after each game
  • Game speed now increases in slightly smaller increments, after 25000 points
  • Changed double-point balloon-values from starting at 6 pops to 3 pops

...and a whole slew of other minor bugfixes and tweaks.

This is Release Candidate 1 for CircusIrata - the next couple releases should primarily be bugfix releases, no new major functionality is planned. Since we are gearing up for an official 1.0 Release, please let us know about any bugs you find, ASAP!


9/15/04 - CircusIrata v0.9.1 released! Here's a list of major bugs fixed and enhancements made in this version:

  • Highscore-display screen doesn't display
  • Enter Name ranking is incorrect
  • Score disappears while medals are being cashed in
  • Realtime highscore-ranking should be based on FULL score (including medal points)
  • Error messages need to be made more user-friendly. (They are now written a bit nicer, and include a cancel button which will exit the game)
  • Game-icon should appear in the upper-left corner of the window
  • The "Q" button should quickly exit the game

Bear in mind that as per the News posting in our Messageboards, CircusIrata is primarily in bugfixing-mode as we rush towards the Official Release of v1.0.0. So please make sure to let us know about any bugs that you encounter!


8/9/04 - CircusIrata v0.9.0 released - and the race to v1.0 begins! Here's a list of what's new:

  • Fixed the "You got a highscore - Enter your name" loop bug.
  • You can now simply click on the game area to unpause.
  • Mouse cursor appears when you pause the game.
  • Both Alt-Tab and "Boss Key" functionality should be working pretty much without issue now.
  • The game will tell you what highscore ranking you achieved, on the "Enter your name" window.

Bear in mind that as per the News posting in our Messageboards, feature-development on CircusIrata has been pretty much halted. Instead, we hope to merely fix all the minor bugs and issues that've been plaguing us all, and rush forward to the Official Release of v1.0.0. So please make sure to let us know about any bugs that you encounter!


2/10/04 - CircusIrata v0.8.8 released! Here's a list of some of the New Stuff:

  • New Cursor
  • Logicide Games splash-screen at game startup
  • New MiniBounce sound-effect
  • Trickshots are now worth varying amounts of points. Also, there's a new bit of animation for when TrickShot Medals are "cashed in" at the end of a game.
  • Random Bouncing - Every so often (about a third of the time), a clown will not bounce off a balloon in the direction you thought! This experimental feature can cause wacky effects when the clown is bouncing around the top of the screen, off four or five balloons in a row. More importantly, it is now definitely not a good idea to simply leave your seesaw in one place because you think the clown will just keep bouncing and popping balloons without you having to do much of anything -- you will die very quickly if you try doing this now!!
  • "Boss Key" is working much better now. Pausing in general (or minimizing the game, or Alt-Tab'ing away to a different window) is much more robust.
  • "Debug Mode" has been disabled for public releases. This should clear up a couple of the stranger effects we've been hearing about of late. a smattering of random bugfixes. Note that your Highscores will be reset with this release, because the lower point-values for most of the TrickShots make it harder to match your old scores.


1/30/04 - CircusIrata v0.8.7 released! In addition to being a reimplementation of most of the functionality from v0.8.6, the following new Stuff has been implemented:

  • New "Death" Animation
  • New "Extra Life" Animation
  • New "Next-Life Start" Animation
  • Pop Jitter - after popping a balloon, the clown will not necessarily bounce back at exactly the proper angle and speed now. Instead, he will sometimes bounce off a little faster, sometimes a little slower.
  • Fixed Left-side Bounce - Major problems with catching a clown on the left-side of the seesaw (including impossible-to-get minibounce) have been fixed.

...and as always, lots of other minor tweaks and bugfixes. (See the MessageBoards for more details here.)


11/16/03 - Minor website updates. Changed a few things around, and most importantly posted a link to our Mailing List! If you haven't already, please sign up to receive announcements of new releases of CircusIrata!!


11/14/03 - CircusIrata Bugfix Release v0.8.6a released. This version fixes a bug in which the game would display a black screen when you tried to run it on older videocards.


11/11/03 - CircusIrata v0.8.6 released! New in this release is:

  • New "Death" animation
  • New TrickShots Medals (pictures, at least, no new actual TrickShots)
  • Super-Bounce (after hitting a trampoline, the next bounce will send the clown flying through all obstacles in his way!)
  • An intro SplashScreen!
  • More jump animations (now flips left-to-right in addition to right-to-left, etc.)

...and some additional minor tweaks and bugfixes.


10/17/03 - After a long delay (and numerous, ongoing, hardware problems)... CircusIrata v0.8.5 has been released! Here's what's new:

  • New "TrickShots" (5000-point bonuses, awarded after game is over)
    • 25000 points
    • 10000 points on one life
    • 10 balloon-pops on one bounce
    • 10 mini-bounces in a row
  • New Nifty Setup Program
    • Instead of downloading a .zip file, and unzipping it into a directory, we've now got a spiffy little self-installing Setup.exe program!!


6/28/03 - CircusIrata v0.8.0 released! Here's what's new:

  • New clown extra-life animations
  • Game Icon
  • Initial In-Game Menu-Screen
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Changed max-num-bounce-ups to 10, with max 2x multiplier after 5 bounce-ups.

Note that the highscores have again been reset.


6/24/03 - CircusIrata v0.7.0 released! Includes new jumping-animations. More stuff is almost ready to go, but wasn't ready by Deadline Time, so was cut out of this version. Check back on Saturday for a BIG update...!


6/19/03 - CircusIrata v0.6.2 released, fixes a bug in the Boss-Key functionality. If you care about such things, upgrade again!


6/18/03 - CircusIrata v0.6.1 released, fixes a bug in the highscore-saving routines. Upgrade now!


6/17/03 - CircusIrata v0.6.0 released, on-time for once!!! Here's what's new:

  • Boss Key : SPACE now quickly-minimizes the game, so that if someone comes in that you don't want to know you're playing our game, quickly hit the spacebar! Because of this change, the Tilda key ("~"/"`") now pauses/unpauses it.
  • Easy-Access Highscores : F3 will now bring up the HighScores window for your viewing pleasure.
  • Pop Limit : After popping 5 balloons, the clown will no longer bounce Up off of them.
  • Extra Lives : Every 10,000 points, you'll get another life!
  • Trick Shots : If you are able to clear all three rows of balloons in the same bounce, or if you are able to clear the row of Blue Balloons three times in a row without clearing any other rows, you'll get a Trick-Shot Reward! These rewards will each add 5,000 points onto your score, after you GameOver.
  • Seesaw Facing : The seesaw will now face towards whichever side of the screen your Clown starts on.

Still working on the In-Game Windowing-System, it's unfortunately taking a bit longer than we had hoped, but look for it in the next release!


5/27/03 - After much delay, CircusIrata v0.5.0 released! Note the name-change -- we decided that using the exact same name as the Original might be construed as Copyright Infringement, even though we're simply attempting to pay homage to that original work of art. (Note that the name of the executable has also been changed, to "CircusIrata.exe"...) Here's what else is new:

  • Random Start-Side : When you start a new life, the clown will sometimes appear on the right of the screen, and sometimes on the left.
  • Trampolines : Similar to the original (though we have no way of knowing what those "blocks" were really supposed to be), we now have Trampolines in the lower-right and -left corners of the screen! They'll simply give you a Mini-Bounce, but serve to bring us a bit closer to the old Atari game's original concept.
  • Slower Restart : When you die, you will now start off the next life at a much slower speed. Each time you Bounce the clown, though, the game will speed up a little, until it eventually catches up to what the game "should" be at this point. This should keep you from losing ALL your lives at high point-ranges, just because the game's moving too quickly for you to start a new guy.
  • Highscores Reset : Due to the Slower Restart, old point-values really can't be compared against the new ones. So, I'm afraid you'll lose ALL your old high-scores when you upgrade to this version.


4/16/03 - CircusAtari v0.4.0 released! Here's what's new:

  • Clown Death Animation : If you fail to catch the clown, he'll now fall down. (And you'll frown.)
  • Varying Bounce : Depending on where the clown hits the seesaw, he'll fly up differently. Catch him in the middle of the "target area" and he'll bounce up normally, catch him too close to the center of the seesaw and he'll do a "mini-bounce" incapable of popping anything, and catch him towards the end of the seesaw and he'll fly off!
  • Slight Tweaks : Balloons now repopulate before your clown bounces off the seesaw. Also, a couple other minor tweaks and bugfixes.


4/13/03 - CircusAtari v0.4.0 delayed. Rescheduling this next release until Wednesday, 4/16/03.


4/9/03 - Messageboards are up-and-running! Make sure to stop by and post a comment or two -- let us know what you think of CircusAtari, what your ideas are for new features, any bugs you've hit, etc. And as an added bonus, just for commenting here we'll make sure you get added to the Credits for the final version of the game as an Official Playtester!


4/6/03 - CircusAtari v0.3.0 released. Lots of new stuff:

  • New Graphics : Animated clowns, and balloons... Popping balloons...
  • Re-sized : Playable Area of the screen is more in-line with the resolution of the original Atari 2600 game, and it just looks nicer and plays better.
  • Game-Speed Tweaks : The game now starts off much slower than it had in the past, giving people a chance to get used to it before it start picking up the pace. Also tweaked the rate at which the difficulty progresses, in the hopes that it'll be more-gradual a learning curve.


4/5/03 - New website! Logicide Games can now be found at


1/30/2003 - CircusAtari v0.2.1 released.  Includes the following new features:

  • Progressive Difficulty : The game gets just a little bit faster every 1000 points.
  • High-Scores 11-20 : These high-scores not saved, but are instead reinitialized every time you start up the game, allowing people to see that they're making some form of progress even though they can't touch the #10 spot on the "real" highscores list. (A definite plus for those who don't play as often as some people in the household!)